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Kevin's Korner - Take it from the guy behind the scenes

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Kevin is a co-owner of MOSO Events in San Tan Valley, AZ. He is also the Director of Event Production at the Big Tin Cotton Gin. He's seen his fair share of weddings during his tenure in the event industry - some just short of flawless and others, let's just say, a little more planning would have benefited them. From Kevin's "Korner," he's identified the 3 areas for your Wedding Day you should play close attention to.

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1. Hire the DJ, it isn't just music

It's safe to say EVERY couple starts planning their wedding with the strategy to find ways to cut costs for their Big Day. It's understandable, weddings are expensive, but hiring a DJ should be a requirement. My personal advice: a DJ is vital for a good event! The DJ doesn’t just play your favorite songs, they help to keep the night rolling, make sure everyone is on task, and assist with the overall flow for the night. Make sure you meet with your DJ and plan out the night’s itinerary. It's important they know what song should be played for the ceremony and an approximate time you expect tables to be excused for dinner. Without a DJ also emceeing, the night turns into a kick-back party with your buddies that feels like a typical Friday night. I’ve seen couples lose that essential wedding vibe because there is no one to direct the overall flow of the night’s events. So here is what I would suggest - skip the Spotify playlists, hire the DJ, and find alternative cost saving opportunities.

2. Online officiants gone way wrong

Now here is a scenario I have seen played out more times than I can count - hiring a last-minute officiant online. Now I am not saying the officiant at your wedding needs to be a relative, but they do need to know the two of you as a couple. My advice is that every couple at least meets with their officiant a few times before their Wedding Day, but if not, make sure they can attend the rehearsal. I have seen far too many ceremonies butchered. I promise, the wrong names and all the awkwardness that follows has happened more than once. It would be best to put some effort into finding an officiant that will put time into getting to know you… and has some experience.

3. Let's talk about alcohol

First things first; limit the variety of alcohol. Most commonly, couples buy too many types of alcohol and end up taking home all the excess with no place to hold that many beverages. It's important to know your guests and know what they would drink. My advice can be broken down in 4 easy steps, 1) Keep it simple when creating your Wedding bar menu. 2) Avoid buying alcohol you wouldn't drink yourself. 3) Find a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol (like our venue!) so whatever you don’t drink can be returned IF you buy from somewhere like Costco. 4) Arguably the most important, hire a good bartender that knows how to make your signature cocktails, tap a keg, regulate your guests and of course, run down a line of thirsty guests fast!

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